Happy Birthday Judah – 8!

judah-birthday-2Dear Judah – Happy birthday to my brand new eight year old!

Your love for books has shifted this year into a love for reading to yourself, and it is such a delight to see your nose tucked into a new favorite book, devouring the stories and sharing the parts you find funny. I so treasure the bits you share. “Hey mommy,” you say, “listen to this, isn’t it so funny?” It’s a precious gift you give to me. Please don’t stop sharing the bits of your life that move you; whether funny, sorrowful, painful, or otherwise.

judah-8-1A few weeks ago you walked into the living room where I had sat down to talk to daddy.

“Hey mama, there is smoke coming out of the oven.” You casually stated.

“Oh shoot!” I exclaimed. “I hope I didn’t burn the garlic bread.”

“Well,” you started, just as casually; “I peeked in the oven and whatever is in there is on fire.”

Daddy and I dashed to the kitchen and sure enough – there was a full blown fire in our oven.


And you casually approached it as you do all things in life; calmly and matter of fact.

It still makes me laugh to think about it. I so very much love this about you.judah-birthdayWe moved this year, just across town, but you and your brother were invaluable in helping to move boxes and clean things up. Your joyful, willing attitude were a blessing through the transition, and your constant whistle kept you amused and drove the rest of us a little bit batty. But just a little – I secretly adore your strong whistling skills. I just can’t tell you that too often or you will whistle all the more. And my head can only take so much of it.

You broke your wrist this past year – the first break for either of you boys. You chose a red cast, after very careful deliberation. It didn’t hold you back for long though – you were back to all normal boy-ish activities quite quickly.

judah-birthday-1I love you my darling child, and thank the Lord that He gave you to us to raise.

I pray that we will be faithful and that you will love Him more this coming year.

I look forward to getting to know my new eight year old.



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  1. Happy Birthday to Judah! Wow has he ever grown since I first started reading your blog. My oldest is 9 and she can also often be found with her nose in a book:) I’d love to hear what some of Judah’s favourite books are to read himself.

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