Great Wolf Lodge

A trip to Great Wolf LodgeFor about four years now the boys have had some big activity that they have saved for – it started with a small, semi local water park, then an indoor Legoland, then the amusement park Legoland, and this year it was saving for Great Wolf Lodge.

They save money gifts they receive (which isn’t much), sell unplayed with toys, earn quarters for back rubs, do jobs for neighbors, and other little odds and ends.

Last weekend we made the trip to GWL in Concord, NC and it was fantastic. A night at the resort is pricey, but includes two full day admission to their water park and at the end of it all we felt it was well worth it. There are a lot of other things to spend money on at Great Wolf Lodge – a bowling alley, arcade, and their interactive magic wand game are just some of the offerings. We didn’t do anything beyond the water park.

A trip to Great Wolf LodgeWalking in to the lobby is magical. The outdoor/lodge theme is well executed throughout the lobby.

We were given a free upgraded room, which was a pleasant surprise. The room was spacious and comfortable.

We had brought along food for meals to help offset the cost and our dietary needs and the ample counter space, bar sink, fridge and microwave all helped make meals a breeze.

We went on a Thursday/Friday, during the school year. It really only started to get more crowded Friday afternoon – prior to that we had little to no wait for any of the slides.

Paul and I were both very impressed with the lifeguards – both their thorough head-nod-check of their location, and also at how friendly they were.

Wesley was tall enough for all of the slides, and all four of us enjoyed them immensely. It was a little disappointing that there was no lazy river as it would have been a nice option to chill when the twisting and turning water slides got to be a bit much, but there were plenty of chairs available. We made sure to have plenty of drinking water for us to consume, and some reading material for down time while the boys continued on in youthful enthusiasm.

We are so proud of the boys hard work and determination in saving for the trip – and so relieved that it was such a fantastic experience for them after all the work and effort they went through! They are now building up ideas for what their next savings goal should be – so should you have ideas we are taking suggestions!


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