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Birthday WeekPaul turned 28 last week. We happened to be in Florida over his birthday and spent the day just outside of St. Augustine, enjoying a gorgeous beach and exploring gardens and a military fort.

It was the perfect way to celebrate his birthday.

Birthday WeekThe celebrating of his birthday began a week prior to his big day; in this house the husband’s birthday is celebrated for a full week -aptly named birthday week. It started three years ago after many other {failed} ideas to make him get excited over his birthday. {and, admittedly, many failed attempts at trying to find good gifts for him – this new method helps immensely.}

Birthday week is my secret for making the man excited about gifts and his birthday. I love it. {It should not be so hard to make someone love gifts and their birthday … but whatever! I like a good challenge, and now considered it conquered.}

Birthday week starts one week prior to the big day and involves one present each day leading up to the birthday. Because it’s now tradition, and I can count on it happening each year, I plan on it accordingly. I keep a list of ideas – things I stumble upon, things he mentions, or things other people discuss – and refer to it when picking out the 7 gifts for him. gifts for him

The actual birthday includes the final gift for birthday week, gifts from the children, a special meal, and cake, candles and the birthday song.

This years birthday gifts for him were:

Day 1: A set of throwing knives
Day 2A Bible Atlas book
Day 3: Starbucks gift card {Has anyone tried the Cinnamon Dolce Latte? I had one the other day and it was delicious!}
Day 4: A sweater
Day 5: Movie tickets for two & a babysitter
Day 6Headphones {he goes through SO many pairs of headphones! Office Max had an amazing deal on them on Black Friday so I picked up a few pairs for him.}
Day 7Timothy Ferris’ new book The 4 Hour Chef {It’s a total ADHD book, with all sorts of randomness in it. Not my style at.all, but Paul enjoys him and had been wanting this newly released book. He hasn’t finished it, and I have no plans to read it, so I’m not endorsing it, just sharing the hope of a good book for an ADD man that likes to cook.}

{a look at year one of the birthday week and year two of the birthday week.}

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