Family Night #8

family-night-chipsThis family night activity was SO much fun! “Buy a chip flavor you have never had. Eat it somewhere you have never eaten chips.”

Admittedly, I wanted to smack myself across the head for adding the “eat it somewhere you have never eaten chips before” – it was cold outside, everyone was tired, I didn’t want to do anything creative. But we ended up sprawled out under the dining room table – it was perfect! Gave the boys something to giggle about and kept the chip crumbs away from unwanted places.

I picked up three bags {2 were small}. The flavors were Dill Pickle {the boys had JUST been asking what that chip flavor was like as a friend had told them she liked it}, White Aged Cheddar, and Pomadum chips that were faintly chili flavored. All the flavors were enjoyed and this was a wildly successful evening! If I wasn’t grocery budget conscience I would have let each person in the family pick a new chip flavor, but I just did it on my own, minding store sales.

This is a new series of posts, but all family night activities can be found here.

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