Family Night #6

family-night-ideas-gameLast weeks family night did not get documented due to our ice storm that knocked out our internet. “Learn a new game” was the activity card we chose for last week and the boys were delighted – they love games! We are excited to see their skill levels grow. It is always a bit painful to teach them a new game as it takes time for them to pick it up, but the effort is worthwhile. We are looking forward to many competitive game nights with our kids in the years to come.

The game we chose to introduce them to is called Wooly Bully. It is super fun and one that Paul and I have played on our own and with friends. The skill level of the game is a bit beyond them but it was easily adapted for them and it won’t be long until they play the way it is intended to be played. {For those familiar with the game, we took the hunter and wolf tiles out. There was no destroying others sheep pens, just building your own to make it large.}

The game is for up to 4 players and one we have had on our game shelf for almost 9 years now. It’s a good one!

Check out my post on favorite games for the family here for ideas for your own family game night.

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