Family Night #39 Bake Brownies

bake-browniesA while ago I bought this 3 pack of Gluten Free brownies. It has taken so much self restraint to not bake brownies everyday with this handy, yummy mix on hand!

These are pretty yummy gluten free brownies and are SO easy to make. Any gluten free baking that is easy deserves some attention! (Even if it is a bit pricey…)

We just finished off the last of the three packages for our family night this week. We decided we would bake brownies together and then watch the Abbot and Costello Jack and the Beanstalk (free with Amazon Prime). I grew up watching it, but it is hilariously satisfying to watch it again with my own children that laugh wildly and freely.

I cannot believe we have done 39 family nights this year – really, without the plan and ideas in place ahead of time, the evening each week dedicated to this, and kids that eagerly anticipate this, we would not have stuck with this … distractions pop up. Important distractions. Time pressing distractions. We have had some family nights where one of us parents have been absent (with good cause) and ya know, even though it isn’t “perfect” we have pressed on and the kids don’t care, and there is just this over all sense of community and strengthening of the family because we strive. Not because we do it well, but because we desire and try.

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