Family Night #36 – Cook Out Milkshakes

cook-out-milkshakesCook Out Milkshakes are a very favorite treat here – we find them to be an excellent value and we often split two Cook Out milkshakes between four of us and are happy with it. But the very best part about Cook Out Milkshakes is that you can customize them.

You can take ANY of the flavors on the Cook Out Milkshakes Menu and have them blended together – the options are totally endless! A favorite has been fresh peanut butter, chocolate and walnuts.

Once Paul got a little crazy with his milkshake order – I can’t remember what he asked for but it involved six or seven different flavors. He apologized to the lady for the extra work his milkshake was going to require and she laughed it off and told us that they get customers in there that order every single flavor in one milkshake. Eww. I can’t even imagine.

Anyways, this week we each picked our own flavor of milkshakes out and we enjoyed them on our drive home, then finished our milkshakes in our drive way, looking up at the stars. It was short, sweet and full of silly inside jokes together – really what this is all about. Family night isn’t a grand show, it is just showing up and being together.

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