Family Night #35 – Make Your Own Board Game

make-your-own-board-gameMake Your Own Board Game, Family Night!

Family Night this week combined a little bit of school with our evening fun. We have been studying the layers of the earth in Science and Paul has been reading them Journey to the Center of the Earth, so I had the boys make their own board game with the games theme being ‘journey to the center of the earth.’

I was really amazed by the amount of logic and reasoning that is required to make a board game, and the boys were very creative in their task.

We played Wesley’s game for family night – using Lego men as our pieces to move around the board.

make-your-own-board-game-1Print your own Blank Board Game

I made a printable blank board game so that anyone can make your own board game – simply print it off and fill in each square with how many places forward or backwards you are to go if you land on the square – or if you are to stay in place til your next turn or lose a turn!

I had the boys make a rough draft first, indicating which squares would be “good” squares, which ones would be “bad”, and which ones would be “resting” squares. Once that had been completed they thought through what would be good or bad things, and what story line they wanted told through the game. They drew pictures for each square and I wrote down what they dictated.

This was genuinely way more fun that I thought it would be!


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