Family Night #3

family-night-ideas-cook-supper-over-campfireThis past Monday was a beautiful January day and in flipping through our stack of family night idea cards this one won the vote. My brother had stopped by en-route to his military base, so he joined us for our evening. (And in fact was tasked with the job of creating a fire pit and building the fire…)

It was a simple supper – hot dogs over a fire, and then buns, chips and water. We had so much fun with it though and the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves! family-night-ideas-cook-supper-over-campfire1They are now eager for us to go camping – it has been three years since our winter camping trip and they still remember it and ask us to go do it again. I am thinking we might just have to make that happen!

This is a new series of posts, but all family night activities can be found here.

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  1. So funny to see the tshirt when we have been dealing with wind chills of -35 Celsius and lower! Definitely makes me want to plan a camping trip this summer though!

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