Family Night #13

family-night-icecreamOur week was a bit hectic so this was a perfect activity to tuck in to the midst of that week – everyone has time to enjoy a bowl of ice cream!

Paul took the boys to the grocery store and let them look over all the ice cream flavors. They settled on a caramel and chocolate one – a combination they had not previously tried. It would have been fun for Paul and I to also have picked out flavors we have never tried, but that didn’t fit in the budget or the time restraint.

It continues to amaze me that, despite the fact we already spend so much time together as a family, the boys truly cherish these set aside family night times. Of course, I have not been on the other side of this yet, but I trust that this investment of time will pay off through the teenage years. I want them to know – now in their childish state – that we love them, cherish them, and desire to spend time with them.
Sometimes, like this past week, it is just hard to pull something together. But they don’t seem to care how big or small the “family night” activity is. In fact, a fun and simple year long family night activity could be to buy and consume a different flavor of ice cream every week – so simple, sustainable and what joyful memories would be created! I might just do that throughout 2015.


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