Day 25 :: I Wanna Talk Wit You

I was pushing my buggy full of groceries towards my car as a tired looking mother and her middle school aged looking son got out of their car and headed towards me. The mother laughed and said something to her son and then glanced at him and stopped abruptly; “Oh no you don’t boy – you take that right back to the car.”

I watched as he slowly pulled his ipad out of where he had slyly tucked it into his jacket. “Uh-uh mama, I need it.” I’ll never tire of hearing the southern drawled out mama. It always makes me smile. “Mama, I’ll get so bored while you shop.”

She looked at him with tired eyes, filled with love and she firmly said; “Son, take it back to the car. I wanna talk wit you while we shop. To be together.”

I wanna talk wit you.

That boy may not realize now what a gift his mother is giving him, but I wanted to applaud her for communicating to her son that she wanted to talk with him. I don’t know any more of their story, I don’t know why the boy wasn’t in school, or why the mama looked so tired and worn down; but it was so precious to see the mother using the time she had, doing an ordinary thing like grocery shopping to invest in her relationship with her son.

Day 25 of 31 Days of Communicating With Our Children. Click here to see all posts in this series.

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  1. Hurrah for parents who talk to their children when out, instead of chatting on their phones and ignoring their little ones!!

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