Day 24 :: Ideas and Experiences Beyond Our Own

ideas and experiences beyond our own

Communicate with our Children; Ideas and Experiences beyond our own

I don’t know where I first heard this quote, but I like it a lot;

ideas and experiences beyond our ownFive years from now you’ll be the same person you are today except for the books you read and the people you meet.

There is so much that we as parents can pass on to our children simply by giving them the ability to engage in good conversations with others and by teaching them to love books.

Communicating these two skills to our children will teach them ideas and experiences beyond our own abilities.

I shared earlier in this series that John Lennox, a mathematician and philosopher of science who is currently Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University and in 2007 his debate with atheist Richard Dawkins was broadcast to millions, was greatly influenced by his parents having people into his home that he could talk with about the faith and question and challenge.

And I have shared before about how we make up questions for conversations that the boys use when we have company over. (Fun fact: Family Fun featured our idea in one of their issues a little while back!!)

Teaching our children how to intelligently converse with people – an art that is absent in most circles – will give them ideas and experiences beyond our own abilities. There is so much to be learned from the experiences of others, so much growth, wisdom, and direction to be gleaned from listening to others share how the Lord has worked through their own lives. If we can teach our children how to ask the right questions and listen to the stories (with discernment!) we are giving them a tool that will aid them long after they leave our home.

Same goes for reading. When surrounded by good books that encourage character building, courageous acts, contentment, a love for learning or a passion for people our children are being exposed to ideas and experiences beyond our own; it enriches their world in a way I could not otherwise do.

I am thankful that our boys love being read to. We started this habit of reading intentionally and for longer periods of time when Judah was about two. We would shut ourselves in the room with him and read while he explored his room. It didn’t take long for him to want to sit in our lap and see the pictures and hear the story.
When he was three we started on chapter books, starting with ones that were shorter and had images throughout.

When we read we ask that they are quiet and that they stay in the same room, Judah tends to cuddle close and Wesley tends to be all over the place, but they both listen and they can both answer questions about the story and narrate short portions to us.

I have been keeping a list of favorite chapter books for boys and updating it as we read new ones. I have so appreciated reading lists from other moms and I hope this helps inspire others when they are looking for excellent books for children!

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