Deep rooted friendships are a very special gift, and I have been experiencing the joys and sorrows of it the past few weeks.

My heart is full and hurting and content and aching … I don’t know how it contains the breadth of emotions without bursting. The gift of friendship is a beautiful, precious thing and it hurts to be apart and it brings such joy to be reunited.

Paul has been gone a lot lately. His presence is sorely missed. The sharing of observations and readings, exploring new places, and laughing over the children is missed. But in his absence has been the presence of old friends that haven’t been seen in years, and the visit from a sister who is only seen yearly. And those visits bring much laughter, a comfortable silence of just being, a discovery of how time has changed them – and yet very much kept them the same. company

I have written about hospitality and children and what a gift it is to my children to be able to learn from others and for them to learn to serve others in our home.

It’s been sweet to see their little welcome signs showing up around our home over the past couple weeks. Their minds are being tuned in to the needs of others, and they are doing their part to welcome guests in our home. And in turn, our company is broadening our children’s understanding of the world.

company-2company-3company-4company-5company-6We have been taken up with the enjoyment of people, and many other things have been left waiting until our home is again empty. (including this little place on the web.) I read a beautiful little post this morning on the idea of being un-busy and it was so inspiring, I wanted to share – A Helpful Guide to Becoming Unbusy.
We are in pursuit of being preoccupied with friendship right now. And we hope to do that well, at the intentional cost of letting go of other things.  company-1compnay-4

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