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Birthday week is a week I spend celebrating the man I’m kinda crazy about, and I am happy to say birthday week has found its comfy, cozy place in our traditions. I had made no mention of birthday week this year and the day before it was to begin Paul said, “Did you know, tomorrow starts birthday week?” I think he was just reminding me, in case I had forgotten.

I had saved the original Birthday week gift bags- the ones I had used for the past three years. But this year I decided to change them – if we are going to look at gift bags for a whole week they might as well be cute ones! The bags come in a set from Hobby Lobby and I bought them when they were half price. And now that birthday week is over these gift bags are tucked away for future birthday weeks.

Birthday week started four years ago as an attempt to make the man excited about his birthday – when he showed little enthusiasm over one special day celebrating him, I thought I would take it up a notch and spend a week celebrating him. Each day of birthday week he gets a gift and, if I am coordinated enough, a special dessert or snack. Then on his birthday we celebrate with a special meal, cake, his final gift from me, and his gifts from the boys.

Here are this years 7 birthday week gifts:

1. Patchouli oil

2. Notebooks

3. Snack foods

4. itunes gift card

5. Wrist slingshot

6. Wild Fermentation book

7. An educational DVD related to his studies {exciting, right?}

I watch and take notes all year long on gift ideas for him {both for birthday week and for Christmas gifts, sad they come so close together!} I save for it all year too, if I decide something is perfect for one of the seven days or if there is a sale on one of my “I think I will buy this” then I will buy it when I find it, but usually I wait until just before the week to make sure each of the seven gifts are exactly what I want to give him.

2012’s birthday week can be seen here and 2013’s here

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