Backyard Fun

I discovered freezing mango, kiwi and grapes in a Popsicle mold with lemon flavored water makes the most refreshing of snacks – and also a fun addition to breakfast. I have a feeling we’ll be making lots of these simple Popsicles this summer.

Paul has been busy working in the backyard.

He dug the holes for their swing set he is going to be building from scratch.

I brought the swings back from Nigeria that the boys spent hours playing on.

I wish I could have that same tree in our yard to hang the swings from – but a hand made swing set by their daddy will be the next best thing!

He had a minor glitch that set back his plans for finishing it, but it will happen soon. The sunshine and gentle breeze are just begging for swings and giggly boys soaring through the air.

Paul also built a couple raised garden beds as we are going to do a bit of gardening this summer -both for fresh vegetables for ourselves and to give the boys an education on plant life.

My favorite addition to our backyard is our new hammock.

We bought theĀ Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock with plans on using it for camping trips – Paul and I each in our own hammock with each of us having one boy sleeping with us. I’ll let you know how those camping trips go. For now it has been a delightful spot to spend reading in our own backyard.

I love that April in the South is as warm as a summer in the North.

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4 Replies to “Backyard Fun

  1. I can't wait for warm weather here! We had a bit of a teaser last weekend when we could play outside with no coats but it was again hovering around freezing this morning!

    Our big project this year will be a new sandbox. Ours is too small for three to play without stepping on eachother. As soon as it stays warm my wonderful hubby will put together something big enough for three plus a wee bit of room for some parents to play;)

  2. PS It was recommended to me, by a very smart man (my Dad), to paint or prime my raised garden beds, to help prevent rot. It took longer and was a wee bit more work, but if the beds will last longer, I guess it was worth it. He also told me to silicone any cracks to keep water out of the boards. But if you already filled them with dirt, then feel free to ignore any free advice I have to offer…

    We should have a contest and see who's raised beds grow bigger/better veggies. LOL Well, it would at least give me someone to compare my progress with.

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