A Dozen Creative Things to Do With Kids

A dozen little things to do with kids during inclement weather or while battling the flu or just because you like each other lots.

1. Whoopee Cushions are cheap and are, at least in this house, providers of hours of entertainment. Great for playing jokes on dad too!

2.  Make-your-own-lunches are fun, and kill time, when the kids get to cut out their bread with cookie cutters and then assemble with their favorite sandwich toppers.

3. A simple bar of soap turns into a fantastic paint medium when blended. Washes off the windows easily. See instructions here

4. Temporary Tattoos for Talking Hands: Animal Hands  – I have long admired these and,without knowing that, my sister sent us a package! They are so cool and so much fun! 

5. Play with some hair spray and create new hair styles!

6. Make finger puppets out of paint chip cards and a bit of tape.

7. Stab your afternoon snack

8. Do a milk, dish soap, and food coloring experiment!

9. Make butter together

10. Keep your eyes open for huge rolls of bubble wrap {we were given two!} or save your smaller pieces of bubble wrap until you have enough to exert a great deal of energy popping all of it!

11. Create a sugar cube igloo out of sugar cubes (found in the same section as regular sugar) and icing (though next time I’ll be using a hot glue gun for less mess and more stick!) Add plastic cowboys and Indians to round out the obscurity of it all.

12. Carve bars of soap – we used Ivory soap and butter knives. Plastic Army men were used to man the ships.

What are some ideas you would add to this list of things to do with kids?


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3 Replies to “A Dozen Creative Things to Do With Kids

  1. Ok first of all, that top picture is just priceless! Too fun! Great tip on the igloo making. I actually had it on our agenda to make one very soon to go with our Arctic studies, and will be sure to go with glue instead! We're planning on doing some sort of soap carving as well! Lately we've been having fun building forts…to read in or to eat in or just to lounge in!

  2. Great ideas! We used to do soap carving as a girl scout project. I also like the soap paint idea as my 3 year old has recently discovered paint and loves it. Also love the photo a the top of the kids in the meadow…beautiful!

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