3 is Celebrated – Wesley’s Party

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Wesley turned three on Wednesday and since we are going to avoid peer-parties we told Wesley, as we had done with Judah, that he could invite whomever he wished. He informed us that he wanted “everyone” to come. When pushed to give us names of who that “everyone” might include he stood fast, insisting that he just wanted “everyone” at his party. And so at church we handed out invitations to everyone. I put the invitation together in Photoshop and then had them printed as 6×4 photos at Walgreens.

We decided to hold the party Wednesday night after prayer meeting back at our house, hence the 8:30pm start time {and if you look closely at the invitation I accidentally got the numerical date wrong on the invite – I knew the 29th was a Wednesday and I knew it was his birthday, but since I went into the hospital in labor with him on the 28th I have a hard time remembering to write the 29th instead of the 28th each time I write his birthday… weird, I know.}

We had a fantastic turn out for his party – our street was packed with cars and 47 friends showed up to celebrate the life of our three year old son. Living so far from our families we feel incredibly blessed by the dear friends God has placed in our lives and we are so thankful for the people that love our children and are so hands on with them.

Wesley was thrilled to bits to have so many people singing to him – the lighting was awful and it’s out of focus but this picture captures the excitement he had in the moment;

His cake was inspired by an image I saw in the most recent Rachel Ray magazine – we made a white cake batter from scratch and then cooked it like you would cook pancakes – Wesley *loved* it. His eyes grew bigger and he gave a satisfying “WOW!” when he saw the stack of pancakes. When I told him it was actually cake made to look like pancakes he said; “Oh, so it is cake pancake!”

I had buttercream icing off to the side, tinted just a tad bit to encourage the butter color to come out. People spread their own icing on their “cake pancake.”

Along with the pancakes we had individual cups of Italian Ice, popcorn and ice water. It was very simple and cost effective for the large crowd.

By the front door I had some circus-ish decorations, keeping the theme of his invitation. Beyond the front door we didn’t do much else to decorate.

I picked out all the red and blue balloons from the bags I’d bought at the Dollar Tree – they just happened to be the same shade as his invitations! I added some streamers and paint tarps and it made for a fun entrance. The sign just beyond the tarps was printed at Staples for $3! A 24×36 inch print! I first read about the Staples prints at I Am Momma- Hear Me Roar and I have done several different items throughout our house and it’s super fun and cheap art.

His face as he opened the game Whac-A-Mole Game– it is the *perfect* game for parents and children alike to play! Batteries are needed, but it is truly a FUN game to play! In fact, before we gave it to Wesley Paul and I opened it up late on night and played it ourselves… for almost thirty minutes! I highly recommend this game for loads of giggles on family game night.

{and I just saw – they have a Whac-A-Mole Pool Sprinkler! That looks like tons of fun too!}

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7 Replies to “3 is Celebrated – Wesley’s Party

  1. Love the pancake birthday theme! What fun – done on a budget! Just love your creative mind and God-shaped heart!


  2. I bet that he had a blast! Simple parties are always the best. And the parties for our kids have always just involved inviting whoever they wanted over for a simple backyard party.

    I love the pankcake cake idea – especially with the icing to spread like butter. I am going to tuck that idea in my pocket as I think that my boys would love it.

    I had to smile when you wrote that you and Paul played the game when the boys were sleeping! What a fun date night that would make!

  3. Oh my… I love. I really need to work on my birthday-throwing skills. Josh will be four in October. I guess I have a little bit of time to prepare myself to be more birthday-aware. You inspire.

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