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Thanks for dropping by! I have more Charlotte Mason inspired posts here. You’ll find books, conversations on nature study, habits, and more! 

Every year I have enjoyed making my own planner – and while they aren’t perfect I have learned a lot each round, and they get closer and closer to what I want in my own planner.

We follow a Charlotte Mason style education for our children, and so a Charlotte Mason homeschool planner is what I have been after.

This year I printed mine, double sided, on my black and white printer on 32lb white paper. The slightly heavier paper makes a huge difference!

I print mine at home, other than the color cover since we don’t have a color printer. I have it bound at Office Depot for about $3.50. It’s been cheaper some years as they sometimes run coupons. I have debated buying my own binding machine, but honestly it seems like way too much work. I would have to bind 20 things just to break even on the price and I like not having the responsibility of lining everything up.

Clicking on any of these images will open it up larger and allow you to save and/or print any files you would like to use.
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My 2016/2017 book is complete, and the pages have been added above. You can see a video of my planner here


A little about some of the pages I chose to make for my Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner

Questions for each Season – I have used this sheet for years and finally decided it should be a part of my homeschool planner – the questions are not specific towards homeschooling, but as a homeschool family life and school are hard to divide and I think it will be perfect having this included in the planner itself. It’s been an invaluable evaluation to have done a few times each year.

Monday – Friday planner – the nitty gritty details of how our week will play out. Two sheets are included as there are two different quotes. I arranged mine so that the two facing pages each had a different quote.

Habit Planning Sheet – Habit training has been invaluable in our home, but it doesn’t happen by itself! This is to record ideas, planning and other thoughts on it.

Subjects Sheet – This is my planning sheet as I decide what we will be doing for each subject.

Charlotte Mason Focus Sheet – Divided into 6 terms (print it twice) this sheet is for planning out composer, artist, poet, handicraft, etc.

Daily Planner – For sanity – meal planning, schedule planning, goals and chores for the day – my daily docket!

Lined pages – This has been a must have in my previous books! Just blank spaces to record ideas.

Charlotte Mason Quote – this page starts the book (and the reverse side is the first page of the two month calendar spread)

Count Your Blessings – it’s easy to forget them. Keeping track over the years has been a great blessing in and of itself.

Recipes I am Good At – Really, this has been a life saver over the years too! And while it isn’t homeschooling, it is all related – having easy to make meals that I am good at and usually have on hand is GREAT for last minute meal scrambles.

“Do not let the endless succession of small things crowd great ideals out of sight and out of mind.” - Charlotte Mason quote

“Do not let the endless succession of small things crowd great ideals out of sight and out of mind.” – Charlotte Mason


Other printable options for the homeschool planner

Two page spread Calendar from Donna Young – I used May 2015 through July 2016, and printed back to back pages.

Printable Hymn Lyrics or Bible Verses for front and back covers

Memory work and copywork for Habits (our 2013/2014 list)

Hymn study to match our habit study (our 2013/2014 list)

Poetry work (our 2013/2014 list)


  1. The two posts on your planner are very interesting. I also change the planners as I learn what I like, and keep a record of the sheets I used. The sheet you made for 2014-15 calendar was v pretty, and I’d like to use it with a 2015-16 calendar stuck over it or something, since you haven’t made a new one for this year.

    It’s so good that home educating mothers share like this. Thank you.

  2. I am in the process of creating my own Charlotte Mason-inspired planner as well. I happened to find yours when I went looking for inspiration. I can appreciate firsthand all of the effort that you put into your planner. What a beautiful accomplishment! And the happy music on your video…I know the joy you felt when it was finished! Good job! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Love your planner! One question, I have three kids and am looking at your daily school planning pages and thinking that not all my info will fit on those lines. Do you suggest printing more than one page per child per day? Are the lines/boxes on the right hand side a “to-do list” ? Is there anyway you would share a pic of what a filled in Monday-Friday planner looks like for you? Thanks for all your work and for offering this for free!

    • Yes, the right side is a “to-do” list. Just to hold randomness that comes up 🙂
      You know how you will work best with planner pages … but I would minimize the amount of printables (otherwise your book will be SO thick!) – so either use the “To-do” list space to write in more daily assignments, OR find another daily list from another source that is a better fit, and just incorporate any that work from my planner in yours.
      I have a post coming this week on how I organize our school, and I will try to remember to get a picture of our planner page in it, too!

  4. Jessica, what is your favorite Charlotte Mason guide on how to get started? I have a 3yr old that I’m just starting. Thanks in advance!

  5. I love these pages! Thank you.
    I wanted to tell you my experience with my own binder. I have 5 children, so have been homeschooling nearly 20 years now, and will be for 6-7 more. I bought a comb-binder years ago and I can tell you it is one of the single most valuable investments I have made. And, it only becomes more so as time passes. More and more of the books I use are available in pdf form. So, I can easily print and bind all my own materials and bind them up for pennies.
    If you are in for the long haul or have a big ol’ passel of children, I would advise looking at the benefit, for me – totally worth it. And, it is really very easy to use. Binding supplies are cheapest on ebay, (combs, covers, backs) and I always purchase paper by the case on sale. I go through maybe 2 cases a year. That plus my laser printer that does duplex copies means I save a fortune, and time. And, I don’t fret if I make a mistake and don’t use the workbook.
    Sincerely – Patricia

    • Thank you for sharing your experience Patricia! I will have to look in to this. I have always thought it a bit complicated, but your comment makes me think I should look in to it a bit more. We just have two kiddos, so not quite the same volume of things you have, but we are in this for the long haul and I think it could be a great option to do it ourselves!
      Congrats on those 20 years!!

  6. I’m clearly late to the game but I’d like to print off this awesome planner but for some reason I can’t get it to work. It wants to print small and not as a whole page. Any idea what I could be doing wrong?
    Thank you!

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