Preserving Basil

My potted garden has included basil for a few years now, and it happens to grow prolifically for me. A couple of years ago I […] Read More

Christmas Day Brunch

Our Christmas day brunch was a win for the parents again – #operationfeedthemorrisboys resulted in the parents having more food than the kids could eat. […] Read More

German Chocolate Macaroons

Last night a friend came over and we made these German Chocolate Macaroons and Shortbread cookies in anticipation of a Christmas party this weekend …. […] Read More

Favorite Types of Tea

I wanted to share some of our favorite types of tea. Tea is a favorite daily indulgence for the boys and myself – by lunchtime […] Read More

Operation Feed the Morris Boys

Operation feed the Morris boys – a favorite family Christmas tradition that draws us all around the table and food.

Popcorn Salad

Last week I had the luxury of sitting in a dentist chair without children. Funny the things that become luxury. I had a few new-borrowed-from-the-library […] Read More