** Books for Kids ** a collection of book lists

books for kidsWe kind of love books for kids in this house. I love good book recommendations from friends – or being GIVEN good books for kids from friends!! Occasionally I get myself pulled together and share book lists.

This page is a collection of all my book lists of good books for kids – some books may find them self on more than one list, but it is only because it deserves to be.

I hope you find some new treasures for yourself and your family – and while our shelves are full of good books awaiting their turn to be explored, please do share your favorite books for kids – or books lists! – for us to look into. Also, if you have an idea of a fun book list, please let me know. Several of our book lists have been inspired from sweet friends that have ASKED about certain ideas. Like the lists we make up every year on our youngest’s birthday to mark favorite books from the age we are saying goodbye to – such a fun idea that came from a friend! It’s fun to look back on books from seasons past – and some books are still beloved favorites even though it has been a few years.

Books mark milestones, and memories of read ones evoke emotions. I think that is why I love these book lists so much – it’s like a family scrapbook to go back through favorite books read and consumed. I can remember vividly the little one that listened to almost the entirety of David Livingston while standing on his head. Or how the boys started speaking in “Og” when we read about the land of Og. Precious memories that are relived as I compose and then look over these lists.

I am pretty far behind in making up book lists, however I regularly update my instagram account with books we have read and enjoyed, if you would like to follow there you can find me here.

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