About Me


I am a born again believer, and am so thankful for God’s  grace in my every day life. 

I am married to my best friend {I don’t care if it’s cliche – it’s true. He’s pretty cool and my favorite person to do anything with.}

beachboysWe have two boys, Judah and Wesley.
These boys are my mission field. I am thankful for the days I get to spend with them. Thankful that they are gracious and forgiving and full of love for me, even on my bad days. Thankful for the gift that they are and the time I have to help point them to Christ.


And I am so thankful that God’s mercies are new everyday and that hard seasons don’t last forever.

I have been blogging since the early 2000’s – back when it was “Live Journal” … it has slowly evolved from silly teenage girl writings, to updates for family far away, to what it is today – a place to encourage and enjoy the relationships we have.

I write about our homeschool journey and discoveries. I share favorite books and ideas about communicating with our children, truth and feelings, and thoughts on teaching young ones to memorize.

I share a little bit about my personal challenge to shower acts of kindness consistently to others.

I keep track of all the funny things my boys say and share them from time to time – their insights and thoughts bring so much joy to our days.

Sometimes I get brave and share thoughts from my own journal and how the Lord is good.

A priority for our family has been one-on-one dates, with two children and two parents it works perfectly. In the spring we each take one child on a day or overnight trip and in the fall we do it again, with the other child. These are precious times investing in our sons and getting to know them better.

My hope is that you will be encouraged to continue on loving those you interact with.

Cultivating Faithfulness,

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  1. where did you find the M on your mantel??? i clicked on your mantel share over at thenester.com…..love it! never come across a wooden one yet! thanks, maria

  2. wow, you and your family look like you have so much fun. What an inspiration for me to just kick back with my boys (4&7) while we homeschool. Thank you for Paddle by The Sea. I cannot wait to try it:)

  3. Hey Jessica!

    I just followed a tortilla recipe from Money Saving Mom and discovered it was you. Cool to randomly find family out here!



  4. Hi, I noticed in your post about Listening games that you mentioned a book about "a little girl and a bear who eats berries". What is the name of that story? My sister and I have been trying to figure it out FOREVER because it was one of our childhood books. Thanks!

  5. I'm laughing because when I arrived, and just looking at & admiring your banner, I thought you had two little girls! I LOVE that they're boys and I LOVE their hair! So handsome!

    I have two boys, also. My oldest didn't have his first haircut till he was 2.5, and we kept it long for a while. It kept getting shorter and shorter until, a couple of years ago when he was 6, he wanted a faux-hawk. I was heartbroken. He hasn't worn it long since.

    Are you located somewhere in the South? The pine trees and the field of clover makes me think so…looks a lot like where I'm from (North Florida). Either way, beautiful scenery!

  6. Love your blog! I just found you through the 31 Days link-up and I am really excited to follow along with you. Especially with your topic – I’m a new mama and I just can only imagine how encouraging this will be!

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