A Year of Intentional Habits

2012 was our year of intentional habit training for our boys (and us!! oh, they were good for us!) I have tried to organize all that we did that year into one easy to use reference.

In my introductory post I explain our plan for the year. We more or less stayed true to the original plan that was laid out. As mentioned there, some of these habits may better be described as virtues.

The posts are organized by month; for a quick reference here are the habits we did each month.

January -Thankfulness
February – Listening to What is Being Said
March – Encouraging Others
April – Put Away What you Touch
May – Pay Attention to Others Needs
June – Put Away Things Without Being Asked
July – Keeping Your Word
August – Speaking Well of Others
September -Getting Rid of the Clutter
October – Responding Cheerfully 
November – Serve Others
December – Mean what you say

Each month has at least an introduction post. The introduction posts include an idea for each day that we can do (usually in under 5 minutes) to help get us thinking about and exercising the specific habit.


January’s habit was thankfulness. Click on the image or here for the introduction post.

Related content for January’s habit:

Thankful Hands activity – simple and to the point.

Fun thank you “cards” for friends  – thoroughly enjoyed making and giving these away!

Teaching Thankfulness by Example – it is convicting to be teaching. It all comes down to being an example.

Summary of January’s Habit.

 February’s habit was Listening to What is Being Said. The intro to this habit can be read by clicking on the image or here.

Related content for February’s habit:

Games that Encourage the Habit of Listening – everything is better when learned through games!! Here are some super fun and effective ones!

The Habit of Listening and How it Applies to Nurses – some friends came over and helped teach the boys how this habit is practical in every day life!

Habit of Listening Through Serving – a fun game that reinforces listening through serving.

Summary of February’s Habit.

March’s habit was Encouraging Others. Click on the image or click here to read the introduction to this habit.

Related content for March’s habit:

 An object lesson on encouraging others – a video to demonstrate it.

A simple craft for kids to make to encourage others – easily adaptable to any season.

Making Encouraging People {GREAT activity for this habit and a wonderful thing to keep around after the exercise has been completed!}

April’s habit was Put Away What you Touch. Click on the image or click here to read the intro post.

Related content for April’s habit:

Inspired to make changes to their bedroom – months later I can attest that it really has made all the difference!

May’s habit was Pay Attention to Others Needs. Click on the image or here for the intro post.

Related content for May’s habit:

Games that encourage the habit of Paying Attention to Others Needs – again, games are such wonderful teachers!!

Ideas to encourage children to serve others through the summer – most are easily adapted to other times of the year too.

June’s habit was Put Away Things Without Being Asked. Click on the image or here for the intro post.

July’s habit was Keeping Your Word. Click on the image or here for the intro post.

Related content for July’s habit:

 Games that encourage the habit of keeping your word – oh, wonderful games!!

August’s Habit was Speaking Well of Others. The intro post (and only one written this month) can be seen by clicking on the image or by clicking here.

September’s habit was Getting Rid of the Clutter. Intro post can be read by clicking on the image or clicking here.

Related content for September’s Habit:

getting rid of clutter 512x409 The War on Stuff :: getting rid of clutter

The War on Stuff

sep habit 512x365 Responding Cheerfully :: day 2 & Octobers Habit

October’s Habit was Responding Cheerfully

serving others 512x365 Serve Others :: Novembers Habit

November’s habit was Serving Others

decemberDecember’s habit was meaning what you say – in part keeping your word and in part reducing silly, pointless talk. Given the busyness of the month this habit was highlighted, but daily exercises were not done.

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  1. What a beautiful concept! Wish I’d thought of it when mine were little. Wouldn’t our world be a better place if there were more parents like you! Wonderful of you to share and inspire! Thank You! (I tried to add to my Pinterest board, but couldn’t……is that by your design?)

    1. Sorry for the delay in responding – have been traveling! The post should be pin-able. Perhaps pinterest was having problems at the moment? If you try again and it doesn’t work let me know and I will look into it further, but it was likely a momentary glitch.
      thanks for your encouraging words!!

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