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Mothers truly do have many rewards when they decide to strive for excellence in their role. The term professional is used for those who strive for excellence in their profession; be it a football player or architect.  When the term professional is coupled with the title mother it should give the sense of one who is striving for excellence in this very important field and that is to be commended.  

The Biblical professional mom knows that she would be absolutely lost with out God’s Word to guide her.  Professional motherhood within the boundaries of Scripture is much needed.  The position of mother should be taken very seriously.  The reward for the Biblical professional mother is to come to the end of her life with little regret. A woman must be surrendered to God’s will for her as a mother, placing herself under His guidance and authority.  The reward of sanctification is uniquely executed in a mother as God uses her children to beautify her soul. 

Ephesians 3:20 reads; “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.”  According to this verse in Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, if a mother were to ask the Lord to make her a great godly mother than by His power He will do it.

Paul is saying that God’s will is to do such a work in a life; to take an ordinary woman and make her a great mom for his Kingdom.  A Christian mother is first called to follow Christ for salvation; but in salvation, the Holy Spirit continues that work of sanctification in her.  His work of sanctification can really take off and flourish during this season of Motherhood.  The godly mother will reap a harvest of praise from her children and her husband as a reward.  She will also be able to glory in the reward of knowing that she lived her life fulfilling the very words from her God, Lord and Savior.  God delights in calling women to the high calling of motherhood.  Heaven and Earth are blessed by the mother who responds to this calling in a godly manner.  A worthy goal for every mother is to determine to come to the end of the journey with few regrets.  When such a goal is met not only is she blessed, but her whole family, and far beyond!

Please know that you are not alone.  This phase of life, with young ones in you home will come to an end.  Enjoy it.  My most physically challenging stage was when I had four children under the age of five.  I can tell you though, I miss it!  I look at the photos and I want my babies back!  You most likely will too.  Take a deep breathe.  Slow yourself and rely on God and His word to pull you through.  In all honestly I can not think of one single thing outside of being a mother that I would rather do with my time; with my life.  Motherhood is fully rewarding.

—TAS 9-24-2013

*  Scripture references have been quoted from both the NIV and NKJV.

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