Rewards of Biblical Motherhood pt 3 of 5

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A third reward for a woman surrendered to God’s will for her as a mother is found in Proverbs 31:28: “Her children arise and call her blessed, and her husband also, and he praises her.”

A good goal for a mother is to mother in such a way that she will have little to regret when the season of motherhood ends. While a mother will never be able to parent perfectly, it would be wonderful if she could look back will little to regret.  A mother need not be plagued by such regret that can come from not attending to the emotional needs of the children.  It is one thing to half listen to a child while you are busily doing your own thing, in comparison to giving them your full attention.  A mother can keep a child busy but that is not the same as spending quality time with the child. 

It is helpful for a mother to be mindful that her smile is a powerful tool.  No matter what inner turmoil she may be going through her smile should never rest.  She is ready to give a smile to that great influx of sheets of white paper covered in scribbles of all wild imaginations. After all it will slow down to a trickle and then eventually dry up.

Likewise a mother’s hands never tire.  Most moms have out grown doll play but when mom passes up preparations for a gourmet dinner in order to play house with her daughter this is to be admired.  There will be time in the future for gourmet meal planning and preparing but that little girl will grow up fast.  Besides, a mother could always make cooking together a special mother-child experience.  Mothers ought to allow their children to work alongside them, teaching and training them to be responsible adults. 

A Mother who does both, taking part in her child’s play as well as letting her child join her in her work is one who is creatively living out the goal of no regrets.  When the children grow up and leave home they may be so inclined to write mom a card of appreciation.  The hope would be that a mom could look forward to the words in such a card and that they would delight her soul.  The children of the Biblical mother will happily recall many moments when mommy spent ‘real’ time with them nurturing, training, teaching, playing, and disciplining.  A mother has the opportunity to  hand stitch into the fabric of her child’s mind beautiful memories that will last forever.

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