Rewards of Biblical Motherhood pt 1 of 5

rewards-for-biblical-motherhood-1–Guest Post :: part 1 of 5–

Dear Mama,

You may feel stressed and overwhelmed right now.  Maybe not, but at some point you might.  I would like you to know a few things that I’ve learned and hope that they will encourage you along the way.  We are in this together, on this motherhood journey.  We need each other.  You are not alone.  I have six children of my own, the youngest is four and the oldest is fourteen.  I have been home schooling them over the years.  That in itself as added a unique dimension to my motherhood journey.  Another unique facet of my journey is that one of my blessings has autism.  Over this past decade God has shown me His mighty works on a very personal and intimate level.  Some of which I will share with you now.

There are quite a few hardships that accompany motherhood, and we hear about them often.  It would be very easy to become quite negative about the role of motherhood if one was to focus on these hardships.  When one focuses on the hardships along the mothering journey a lot of regret may follow.  Yet, there are many rewards to motherhood as well.  Focusing on the rewards of motherhood will help a woman feel positive about her position and help motivate her to excel.  There are many rewards for following God’s design for mothers. 
One reward for following the Biblical model of motherhood is freedom from the depression that regret can bring.

Everyone wants to be able to look back on their life and feel a sense of peace and contentment.  Unfortunately people often end up regretting the way that they lived their lives.  Mothers are no exception to this.  Regret can be very debilitating and depressing. Decisions made in every area of our lives can either leave us with a sense of fulfillment or regret.  Motherhood is a particularly important ministry. The fruit of a mom’s ministry affects so many.  The fruit of this ministry is far reaching. 

Focusing specifically on the goal of coming to the end of motherhood regret-free can help in attaining that goal.  Any archer would tell you that a goal focused on becomes a bull’s eye.  The ministry of motherhood is one that should be enjoyed while it is here.  Mothers can end up with regret later on, when this stage is no more, if she doesn’t take the time to enjoy it.  It is rarely ever heard of a mother who regrets having spent too much time with her children.  You don’t often hear of a mother regretting time she spent with her babies.  Some moms have no other option than to work outside the home, and that’s okay.  These mothers need to be creative in their home making and parenting in order to strive for the goal of regret-free parenting.  It is a challenge for both working mothers as well as stay-at-home mothers to make all home making and child rearing tasks a priority.  The gift of creativity can be such a blessing to a mom.  It’s worth the effort to find creative ways to keep the important things a priority over less important things.  Working mothers as well as stay at home mothers both can indeed lessen the level of regret in the ministry of motherhood by prioritizing well.  Regret-free would be only a goal because zero regret is almost impossible to attain.

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