More Favorite Things from Around the Web {to encourage mama’s}

saturdaySome more favorite things from around the web to encourage a mama’s heart this Saturday:

What’s Your Thing? by Joy on Grace Full Mama is a fabulous read that encourages us to focus on, and do well, with what we can do and let go of the rest.

And it would be easy to get stuck there and wonder “What is wrong with me?”

Maybe it’s getting older, maybe it’s God working in my heart, or more likely a healthy combination of both, but I am resolved to look at what I can do and celebrate that and not let what I can’t do define me.

And this adorable birthday message from little Clair to her mama is so precious – it will make every mother’s heart smile.


This is part of the series 31 Days of Encouragement for Mama that is running through the month of October. Check out all the posts in the series here.

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