The Habit of Listening; Learning how it Applies to Nurses

While planning out this months schedule for working on the habit of listening I was inspired to invite adults the boys love and respect into our home to share with the boys how listening plays a role in their job professions. I think it is important for the boys to have an understanding of how the habit they are focusing on can be used outside of childhood.

I am so very thankful for the amazing friends we have that have agreed to do this for the boys!

Saturday evening we had two {married} nurses over for dinner. All I had asked was if they could share with the boys why listening is important for nurses and what types of things they need to listen to but they had something so much cooler planned for the boys! {and the boys are not only still talking about it, but they have BEGGED me several times to ‘play’ this again!}

Nurse Brian and Nurse Rachel set up a pretend Doctors office in our dining room, assigned Paul as Surgeon Daddy and Judah as patient #1 and Wesley as patient #2. {Role playing was fairly similar for each boy, they just took turns being the patient.}

Nurse Brian examined patient #1 and determined that his left arm needed to be amputated. He told Nurse Rachel for her to pass the news on to Surgeon Daddy. But Nurse Rachel wasn’t listening and she told Surgeon Daddy that the right arm was to be cut off – and so the right arm was cut off {… or, stuffed it inside his shirt…}

Nurse Brian came back in the room and saw the mistake and corrected Nurse Rachel for not listening and instructed Surgeon Daddy to cut off the left arm this time … but Surgeon Daddy wasn’t listening and cut off the left leg!

It was the perfect mix; an extreme situation that was hilarious enough to capture their full attention and yet a clear enough message that they understood the responsibility of listening.

Brian and Rachel also brought their stethoscopes along with them and let the boys listen to their own bodies and talked with the boys a bit about other ways they have to listen on the job.

It was such a fantastic evening and I was just thrilled about how much energy they put in to sharing about why the habit of listening is important for nurses.

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