The Habit of Encouragement; Object Lesson

I used this object lesson with the boys this week to illustrate to them how much impact a little bit of encouragement can have on a person. In trying to figure out the easiest way to explain it I thought it would translate best through a simple video demonstration.

It is really quite simple and takes minimal supplies and prep. You will need;

2 clear glass bowls or drinking glasses with water in them
1 dark colored food coloring bottle
1 skewer or fork to add color and stir

If the object lesson leaves you with any questions, or if you are unable to view it, please let me know and I will try my best to explain it!!


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5 Replies to “The Habit of Encouragement; Object Lesson

  1. thank you so much for this object lessson. I have searched for 2 days looking something to share with our Winter Bible Club kids about the little boy’s lunch, and when you share, it can impact many. Perfect!

  2. I used this in reverse to illustrate encouragement & pastoring 1 Tim 1:12-17. Put food coloring in two small clear glasses (half full). Add bleach to the first glass which is Paul who was made good by Gods grace being poured into his life. The glas becomes clear. Need to give it a stir and it does take some seconds to work.Paul then encouraged Timothy. Pour from the Paul glass into the second Timothy glass. I suggested we can all encourage each other by acts of kindness such as helping clean up, saying nice things etc.You have to work with the dilutions a bit to ensure that the colour actually disappears. The fact that it takes time for the colour to go is good because it takes time to help other people.

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