Thankfulness Habit Complete!

We survived our first month of intentional habit building focusing on the habit of thankfulness. This first month went really well – I am thankful for the daily plan I had laid out for myself; I am quite certain I would have given up after a week if I didn’t have a simple activity laid out for each day well ahead of time!

There were some days we skipped – such as eating rice all day long. We ended up having company come over for meals on the days I was planning to eat rice and I decided it wasn’t the best idea to make our company eat that! We also have some thank you cards that haven’t made it to the mail, and our neighbors never did get cookies after I burned the first batch!

But, overall, our focus this month was on being intentional about being thankful and looking at what that meant in various situations and it was good for us all.

I am realizing the value in these habits is important both in teaching them to my children and in modeling it for them.

The teaching of the habits is important; that is, making obvious to them that which we want them to learn.
There are many, many things vying for our children’s attention and it takes a deep understanding of our children’s learning style to effectively teach them that which we want them to know. I think there is great value in laying out for our children what we want them to be grasping.

But then we must be careful to not live counter to that which we are wanting to raise them to be, which is deeply convicting to me.
I’m not pretending to have achieved either; I am a constant student of my children and I am not as consistent in my character as I would like to be.

Sally Clarkson sums it up rather well; “My aspirations and what I can idealize oftentimes far exceed my ability to live up to them in reality. Yet it is in being able to visualize the dreams of my heart and beauty of God’s design that I have found a standard of maturity to move towards.” {from The Mission of Motherhood: Touching Your Child’s Heart for Eternity – highly recommend!}

So, as we wrap up our first month of habit building and look forward to the next 11 months I am encouraged, because even though we missed some days, even though there are still ungrateful attitudes at times there has been progress made in the past 31 days.

February’s habit is the habit of listening to what is being said. The monthly plan will be up in the next day or two and I hope that it will offer inspiration and encouragement to you!

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  1. Jessica thank you again for posting this series. I didn't do half of the things I had planned as the month got pretty crazy but without a plan I would not have done any of them. My biggest success this month is that the kids have started thanking God throughout the day for what He has blessed us with. I think that is a really great start!

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