Thankfulness :: A Month of Habit Building Ideas



January was our month for focusing on the habit of thankfulness and I have compiled all of our resources used for this month within this post for easy reference and inspiration.

Printable thank you cards

Quotes and Verses on the habit of thankfulness for memory and copy work  – used with my copy work page that has a title line and space for coloring pictures

Printable of our hymn, A Thousand, A Thousand Thanksgivings 

Games and activities that teach thankfulness

Printable Calendar with lines for the month and habit, and blank squares for the children to fill it in themselves (this is used at the beginning of each month as part of my method for teaching them about the calendar, but fits seamlessly with our habit too!)

A few links from posts done in previous years on the habit of thankfulness;

Teaching Thankfulness by Example

Thank you Marshmallows 

Boys and Thank you Cards

More on our intentional habit building for 2014 can be read here and our planned schedule for the year:intentional-habits-plan-2014


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  1. Thanks for the round up Jessica! I think that I am going to add to my calendar to remind me to do some of these things throughout the year. For example I’m pretty sure that if we sat down at least once a month, we could easily think of reasons to send thank you cards:)

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