Spring Craft for Kids – Encouraging Others Project


This easy Spring craft for kids was inspired when we spotted these cute lollipops at Michael’s Craft Store for .39 cents each.

The boys asked if we could buy some for their friends – and given that this month we are focusing on encouraging others I couldn’t very easily say no!

So we bought a bunch, along with tiny pots for “planting” them in. The boys painted the pots and then we put Styrofoam in the bottom and topped most with Easter Basket style “grass” and one with little rocks. The Lollipop stems were cut to the proper length and pushed through the Styrofoam – super easy and super cute!


We wrapped them up in Bunny cellophane purchased from The Dollar Tree and the boys excitedly passed them out to their friends.

Then they may or may not have proceeded to ask for licks of the lollipops.

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