Serve Others :: November’s Habit

Whew! This year is almost gone – can you believe it?! Less than two months and we’ll be welcoming in 2013. This past years challenge to focus on one habit a month with the children has been incredibly beneficial for all of us. It has served to heighten an awareness of character and discipline. We haven’t always followed the daily plans I lay out, but we do talk about our intentional habit and do take baby steps towards the habit.

November’s habit is serving others. It is so closely connected to the habit of noticing the needs of others, which we did back in May, that I am not laying out a daily plan for this month.

Rather, the plan is to simply approach serving others through a practical, hands on approach. Nothing planned or coerced, simply looking and being prepared to jump in and love and serve others.

From my observations of my own children their lack of desire to serve others stems from two things; a selfish desire to do their own thing and then not knowing what they could do. One is a heart issue the other a head knowledge one.
God can work on their hearts and give them a love and passion to serve others over their own desires, and I can equip them with a practical understanding of what it means to serve others and how they, even as children, can step up and serve others.

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