Printable Thank You Cards

PRINTABLE-THANK-YOU-CARDSOur habit in January is thankfulness – the perfect way to start the new year contemplating being thankful to God for all His blessings, those we see and those we do not. definition-of-thankfulness
A focus on thankfulness is a perfect compliment with the holidays and the gifts they received – how easy it is to receive gifts and yet how hard it is to go back and say thank-you. And so we plod through, two boys who hate to write and yet are learning the value of a thank-you note.
They gave gifts this year and received thank-you notes and were so excited about that – it encouraged them to see a practical reason why we say thank you. {Can I just say, those grown ups who take the time to write thank you notes to children, even for simple gifts, are just wonderful! Children learn so much from the examples of others.} PRINTABLE-THANK-YOU-CARDS-1I made them some simple thank-you cards that they can color and draw pictures – some have more space to write and some have less. They will eventually all get mailed out to those who sent them gifts. {I am so bad at mailing these. I am so sorry!}

Here are the links for the printable thank you cards for children – just open and print;

Thank you cards 4 to a page {the cards seen above}
Thank you cards with trace-able “Dear,” {same as above, only with “dear” written in}
Full page Thank you card with half page for writing and half page for drawing {as seen below}


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