Encouraging People

Encouraging People - an idea to help encourage children see the strengths in others and encourage them.

As most of you know, this month we are focusing on the habit of encouraging others.

I thought it would be fun to have a month long activity for this habit and since we are trying to be encouraging people I thought making encouraging people as a visual reminder would be fun.

At the beginning of March I took two card-stock people {purchased in a pack from Hobby Lobby I believe} and assigned one to each boy. Throughout this month we have been writing words of encouragement to the boys on it – the boys have contributed to each others list as well.

It is a very simple activity, but has been excellent, especially for us as parents, to think in an encouraging manner and then communicate it. If the boys could write I would have tweaked this activity to accommodate them writing things out to each other, but since they can’t write we were able to keep it very simple and it didn’t take up much time at all to ask them every now and then for something they appreciated about the other and I would quickly write down their spoken words.

Once the month is over these Encouraging People will be tucked into the boys treasure boxes for them to pull out whenever they’re in need of a bit of encouragement.

(update) This activity was also used in my grade 5/6 girls Sunday School class. Each week the girls would write something encouraging about each other. It was beautiful to behold their loving and encouraging words to one another. They secretly made me one and gave it to me at the end of class and I cherish it so much.

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