DIY Minimalist Bed Frame

I am SO excited to share our latest DIY project – a minimalist bed frame that gets our matt off the floor and holds it perfectly and yet still maintains the clean and simple profile we like. The DIY minimalist bed frame kit came in the mail from Open Your […] Read More

Free 2018 Printable Calendar

I am so excited to share with you this 2018 printable calendar! I created a succulent themed one for my homeschool blog and it has been such a huge hit there I decided to create a second 2018 printable calendar to share over here. It is an antler themed 2018 […] Read More

Sweet & Simple Christmas Gifts for Kids

As I was wrapping gifts the other night I was thinking about this very old post of mine on sweet and simple Christmas gifts for kids and thought it was time for an UPDATE! First started in 2010, this specially curated simple Christmas gifts list is intended to encourage thoughtfulness […] Read More

Anne of Green Gables Quotes and Printables

“Because when you are imagining, you might as well imagine something worth while.” – Anne of Green Gables Goodmorning! It has been awhile since I have popped in over here with an update on life (I am over here doing a bit better at blogging about our homeschool journey … but […] Read More

Growing Peonies in the South | the beginning

Photo credit It has been forever since I have updated this little space – hello to any and all that are still reading. I didn’t think the line would be so blurred between what goes in this space and what goes on the homeschool blog (mostly – all of it […] Read More

Christmas Games | Annual Christmas Party

A couple of weeks we hosted our second, now annual, Christmas party. The highlight of the party are the Christmas games we all play as a group. As per last year, my friend Emily came up with and played host to all the Christmas games. This Christmas party is hands […] Read More

What’s in the Bible Black Friday Sale

What’s in the Bible is having a Black Friday sale and it is a GREAT one! This years What’s in the Bible Black Friday sale is any dvd for $5, plus free shipping over $25! This collection of dvds is one of my favorite resources to use to help teach […] Read More

Introducing : A New Blog | Wonder & Wildness

Late last week I launched my newest project – Wonder & Wildness, a blog to encourage homeschool moms as well as a place to corral all the homeschool related posts I sometimes write and more often just think about writing. I will be moving over much of the related content […] Read More

Things Truly Worthwhile

I walked through the quaint little shop, tucked into the end of a row of cutesy shops. The scent was intoxicating before you even walked through the doors, and once inside it was like a warm hug, embracing all of your senses. There were beautiful things to see and discover […] Read More

Adventure & the Lie

Three long sighs emitted from the small body. The build up to something grand. “I know how to make an adventure start,” he shared. “I just need to run away.” “Oh? What type of adventure do you anticipate facing when you run away?” I try very hard not to attribute […] Read More